Salma Hayek Throws Studded Bash in Honor of Penelope Cruz's Oscar Nod

Salma Hayek teamed up with producer Harvey Weinstein to throw an A-list fete in honor of Penelope Cruz's recent Best Supporting Actress Oscar nod. Penelope was nominated for her work in the sublime Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and the party was a star studded affair with everyone from co-star Scarlett Johannson and new hubby Ryan Reynolds to Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher showing up to help Cruz celebrate!

Guests were greeted by Salma and 18 month old Valentina at the door and a source told the NY Daily News, "Everyone gushed about how beautiful she (Valentina) is. Salma was so proud."

Hayek's house was decked out as a photographer's darkroom/studio in honor of Penelope Cruz's character Maria Elena's passion in the film. The Mexicana actress also strung images of her bestie on wires across the walls and Aaron Eckhart, Eva Mendes, Adrien Brody, Drew Barrymore were mesmerized by the pictures while milling about Hayek's home.

But the shocker of the evening came when a stone cold sober, soda-sipping Colin Farrell accompanied Salma upstairs to help put little Valentina down for the evening. People were also buzzing when they saw Prince was in attendance, hoping that he might treat them to an impromptu performance on the grand piano in Hayek's living room.

Unfotunately, the walls of Valentina's bedroom don't speak and Prince never touched the keys.