Why Salma Hayek is Raising Her Daughter Differently Than She Was Raised


Salma Hayek is opening up about motherhood.

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The How to be a Latin Lover star recently graced the cover of Hola! USA alongside her mamá, Diana Jiménez Medina, where she opened up about raising her 9-year-old daughter Valentina. Although the Mexican-born actress admits she is grateful for all the life lessons taught by her mother, she doesn’t necessarily apply them to her hija because she is growing up under different circumstances. "I don’t say the sort of things to Valentina that my mom said to me because her life is different,” the 50-year-old explained. “What my mom taught me was very important to me, but I don’t pass that on to my daughter because she needs the opposite."

While the brunette beauty admits she and her daughter are very different personality-wise, they do share the same fears. “In my family everyone is very confident, graceful and light. Valentina and I are the ones who panic on stage. But she gets in front of the camera with no problem!” the actress told the magazine. 

Surprisingly, Hayek gets very uncomfortable when performing in front of a live audience. "I suffer from stage fright. No one would know it, but I get it really, really bad. If you take the camera away and put me in front of an audience, I just die," the hot momma admits. "Once I get onto the stage, you can't tell. But then I can't do anything else the rest of the day because I'm so exhausted." 

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Hayek and her husband, François-Henri Pinault, welcomed their daughter in 2007. The actress also shares three step-children with her hubby from his previous marriage.