Salma Hayek Has A Confession to Make...

"I’ve got a confession to make," Salma Hayek, 43, recently told at a press junket for her new movie Grown Ups. "I just learned how to use the computer last week." We have to admit; it was pretty shocking to hear that a woman who has produced a hit television show, been nominated for an Oscar and appeared in more than 30 films is that technologically challenged.

"My husband has been begging me to learn to do it; it just makes life easier. I’ve been resistant to it," Salma reveals. "And he tricked me."

Hayek's hubby, Francois-Henri Pinault, 48, may have tricked her into starting to use computers, but it's her love for a certain Japanese numbers game that has her hooked. "I love Sudoku. He [Pinault] said, ‘Look at this iPad, you can play Sudoku here.’  So I started doing the Sudoku and learning the other stuff.  I’m getting into it now. This is my favorite thing at the moment."