Salma Hayek Explains Why She Changed Her Name

A few weeks ago, when Salma Hayek announced that she had changed her name to Hayek-Pinault, it set off a discussion among our readers about the importance (or lack thereof) of a woman changing her name when she gets married.

Since Hayek is an international superstar and her name is very well known, we felt like we had to get to the bottom of her motivation when we caught up with her at a junket for her new comedy, Grown Ups. "My chair said 'Salma Hayek' and Valentina asked: ‘What does it say there?’ she told us. “I told her, ‘Salma Hayek’ and she asked, ‘Where is Pinault?’ because her last name is Pinault and in France my husband is much more famous than me so everybody calls me Madame Pinault and she’s much more used to that. I realized that she felt left out. I also have two children that I inherited from his previous marriage."

But Valentina still isn't too impressed, "She thinks it’s the least I could do, trust me!" Salma assures us. And apparently, the name change is helping to unify the family that much more. "I like it," admits the Mexican actress, "It just brings the family together."