Salma Hayek Criticized for "Iniciativa Mexico" PSA

Salma Hayek is causing quite a stir in the Mexican press after appearing in a PSA urging citizens to improve their lives by taking responsibility for the country's woes. "With one grain of sand, mountains are made," assures Hayek.

The PSA was made for Iniciativa México, an initiative which promotes change in the country through individual responsibility. In the TV spot, Salma urges her fellow countrymen to turn away from the inertia and corruption that has plagued our neighbor to the south. She even channels JFK, saying, "We should not ask what Mexico can do for us, but rather, what we can do for Mexico."

So, why is the actress facing criticism from her fellow mexicanos? Apparently, some feel that since she moved out of the country and married a Frenchman, she should not have a say in the future of the country. It may sound like ludicrous argument, being that so many Latinos have pride in their homelands whether or not they still (or ever) live there, but it is a complaint that has been echoed in the local press.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think: