Salma Hayek Angry About New Immigration Laws

Salma Hayek, who was born and raised in Mexico but is now a naturalized U.S. citizen, was asked recently about the new immigration laws passed in Arizona. The bill, entitled SB 1070, essentially gives law enforcement officials carte blanche to use racial profiling tactics and Hayek took the opportunity to voice her strong opinions on the matter.

"Of all these things that are going on, what surprises me the most is the lack of humanity with which immigrants are being treated," the Oscar-nominated actress told Notimex.

"What saddens me a lot is how the United States—which has always been considered a global hero that helps other countries—doesn't help people from other lands who come to their country, that is contradictory," concluded Hayek.

It's not the first time Hayek has spoken out against laws that criminalize immigrants. Back in May, 2006 she publicly decried a bill being considered in by the US House of Representatives that would make illegal immigrants in the U.S. felons. "As a human being, I find this situation intolerable," Hayek told the New York Daily News. "As an immigrant, I find it offensive. And as an American citizen, I find it disheartening."

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