Salma Declares Penelope a Shoe-In for the Oscar

We all know Salma and Penélope are besties for life, but it is really cool how much they give each other props! Salma, speaking on her amigas chances of Academy Award glory said, "I am sure that she will win the Oscar this year." Agreed, Salma. Cruz's performance in Vicky Cristina Barcelona was amazing and she has swept every award she has been nominated for thus far so that is a pretty accurate prediction if you ask us.

Last time Pené was nominated for an Oscar for her work in Volver, Salma was upset she wasn't allowed to read the Spaniard's name out.
Hayek was chosen to announce the nominations back in 2006 and when she spotted her friend's name on the card she begged to be able to read it out. She wasn't allowed to and Salma later told reporters, "I wanted to say her name. I fought for it, but they wouldn't let me."

Hopefully, this time Penelope will win the coveted award and Salma will be allowed to present it to her!