14 Pictures of Ryan Guzman that Prove He is Our #MCM Everyday!

Ryan Guzman is one sexy man! The actor is always showing off his abs and letting the rest of the world see exactly what he is made of. To celebrate his birthday today, we put together his hottest pics ever! 

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This story was originally published on September 21, 2015

1. Ryan Guzman Abs Photo

Hello there sexy! We don't know what Guzman is doing to get those abs the way he is but we need him to keep doing it. 

2. 3

Dem lips! Guzman is always looking fresh to death. 

3. 1

Just look at those abs! They are heavenly and we just want to lick them up and down. 

4. 4

We can see you Ryan! We just want to see all of you next time. Loving the facial scruff!

5. 5

Guzman definitely looks like a younger much hotter version of Frank Sinatra in this pic. We love the classic look he is pulling off! 

6. 6

The glasses look is something Guzman can rock all day every day. He looks like a hot school teacher in this sizzling pic. 

7. 8

Dare we say Ryan looks hotter than Justin Timberlake in this impersonation? You decide who is pulling off the costume better! 

8. 9

We are also swooning for a man in a tux! Guzman looks so dapper in this picture, we are dying over it. 

9. 10

Ryan's abs from all angles is not something that we can complain about. Excuse us as we wipe the drool off of our face. 

10. 11

We are totally wishing we were the puppy in Guzman's arms. How cute are they together?

11. 12

If Ryan wore a nipple shirt everyday, we definitely wouldn't be upset about it. 

12. 13

Even with a mean mug on his face, Guzman still looks like a papi chulo

13. 14

This outfit looks great on Ryan and we are loving just starring at him. 

14. 15

Just look at that face and those dreamy eyes!