WATCH: Rosie Perez & 'OITNB' Cast Show What Their Revolution Looks Like

With politics being the hot topic of the week, these stars show us what their idea of a political revolution looks like.

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Rosie Perez joined Lena Dunham and some of the ladies of Orange is the New Black for a video in collaboration with the organization Humanity for Hillary called "This is What My Revolution Looks Like."

"Women made up 53 percent of voters in the last election," said Uzo Aduba. "And yet we only make up 19.4 percent of congress? What the f-ck?!"

They talk about how the lack of representation in Congress could be to blame for the lack of equal rights for women, despite our large average voter percentage. The video was posted on the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, where Hillary Clinton is expected to accept her nomination for the Democratic Party.

Watch above to hear these ladies tell you what a revolution looks like for each of them.