5 Times Romeo Santos Was Our Superhero

Romeo Santos has done a lot for the Latino community, so it's no wonder we are crowning him our Héroe Favorito. Here are five times the bachatero proved himself worthy of superhero status:

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1. Romeo Santos Superhero: Bachata to the Masses

1. He brought bachata to the masses. 

It started during his days with Aventura, but when Santos went solo and released his first album, Formula Vol. 1 in 2011, he blew bachata out of the water, releasing collaborations with Usher and Lil Wayne. In 2014, the singer hit a home run, after hosting two sold-out concerts at Yankee Stadium. This was the first time in over 40 years that a Latin artist had headlined at the iconic field.

2. Romeo Santos Superhero: Heroe Favorito

2. He became an actual superhero

For his new single, "Héroe Favorito," the singer became an actual superhero to help save the woman he loves in different scenarios. Who else but Romeo would do that? Swoons!

3. Romeo Santos Superhero: Making Latinos Proud

3. He always gives Latinos a good name, making us proud each time. 

At the 2015 Billboard Latin Awards, Romeo was the most-nominated artist in the history of the show. He also became the first bachata artist to perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

4. Romeo Santos Superhero: Treats Women Like Queens

4. He treats women like the queens we are

Romeo has always been very open about his love for women and his songs are all about treating women right. It’s no wonder that there are a ton of memes of how he makes people feel with his music.

5. Romeo Santos Superhero: Songs Help Getting Through Breakup

5. His songs always help get us through a breakup

All of his tracks will make you realize that if the person you're with doesn’t treat you like Romeo would, then they aren’t worthy.