Romeo from Aventura Addresses Sexuality Rumors

Girls may get giddy whenever Aventura comes to town, but all that female adoration seems to have done nothing to diminish the rumors surrounding lead singer Romeo, who has faced doubts about his sexuality for years.

On a recent visit to El Show de Cristina (aka our Latina Oprah) Romeo addressed the rumors head on, but in the process seemed to put down the entire LGBTQ community.

"Quiero dejar claro que no soy ni bisexual ni homosexual. No tengo un pelito de pájaro…Hay artistas que por estilo se parten en tarima, pero yo no hago eso y no sé de donde empiezan esos rumores."

"I want to make it clear that I am not bisexual or homosexual. I don't have one gay hair ...There are artists who leave themselves open to that with their style, but I don't do that and I have no idea where these rumors begin."

OK, Romeo, we get it. You're not gay, but did you have to use the word "pájaro"? That's a bit harsh! Tell us: What do you think about Romeo's denial? Did you ever think the heartthrob lead singer was gay to begin with?