Rodrigo Santoro Plays Coy Over Rumored Girlfriend Natalie Portman

If Rodrigo Santoro wants to squash the rumor that he's dating Natalie Portman, he's not doing a very good job of it! The Brazilian actor played it coy with reporters in Rio de Janeiro when asked about the relationship, telling QUEM magazine that they are not together but dating...or not, depending on how you look at it.

"No, I am not with her," Santoro said, reportedly with a smile on his face. Seconds later, the star backtracked and said, "You could say we are ficando, more or less." 

Oh, ficar. That tricky Portuguese word which could mean anything from hanging out to dating (usually the latter). We wonder why Santoro chose to use it!

We can't blame him for giving an ambiguous, nonsensical answer, though...if we were dating Portman, we'd try to keep the prying eyes of the media away for as long as possible, too. 

Do you think Rodrigo Santoro and Natalie Portman are dating?