A-Rod Keeps Busy with Kate Hudson

Alex Rodriguez may not be the Latino object of Madonna's affection anymore--that honor goes to Jesus!--but he's taking it in stride. The Yankee slugger reportedly went on a flirty date with Kate Hudson and um, a group of her friends, last week in NYC, where they shared a three-hour meal at Lure Fishbar.

According to Page Six, the two were "very cozy," but Hudson's rep diffuses the hype by stating the obvious: "Kate was at Lure with a group of 10 people." Thank you for clarifying that 10 people does not qualify as an intimate date!

Not that it really matters...Alex and Kate are no stranger to public displays of affection with each other, and A-Rod has already been spotted flirting with other ladies--ahem, Donna Karan--in 2009.

What we really want to know is, when will everyone start reporting that A-Rod and Madonna have called it quits? Can we do that if they never confirmed their relationship to begin with? Did they ever even date? It's all such a blur now.