A-Rod Jumps Back and Kisses Himself

We always knew Alex Rodriguez was a pretty boy, and perhaps, just a teeny tiny bit self obsessed, but the new spread in Details magazine takes the love to a whole new level. In the photographs, Rodriguez can be spotted pouting and stretching in front of a mirror. There's even a revealing picture of A-Rod making out with...HIMSELF!

Although the photos might not do a great job of repairing A-Rod's ailing public image, we must admit that the 27 million dollar man does look kind of hot in some of them. The Yankee slugger doesn't dish on any of the details of his tabloid headlining love life, and when asked about Madonna all he said was, "Well, we're friends. She's an amazing entertainer, and it's been amazing how she's been able to stay on top for three decades. I have a lot of respect for her." Looks like the Material Girl will never fully live up to A-Rod's one true love—the man in the mirror, literally.