Is A-Rod Jealous of Madonna's New Boy Toy, Jesus Luz?

Beneath that tough Yankee exterior, Alex Rodriguez is a sensitive guy. Page Six reports that A-Rod is hurt—nay, "mortified"—because his sometimes-lover, Madonna, has been spotted frolicking around New York City with her other boy toy, Jesus Luz.

"Alex is well aware that Madonna is out and about with Jesus, and he
isn't happy about it," an insider tells us. "It's embarrassing for him
because he and Madonna have been so publicly linked, and now it looks
like he's been dumped for a younger stud." Is the highest paid baseball player in history humble enough to recognize that he's being replaced by a younger, hotter man? Maybe we haven't been giving A-Rod enough credit.

An insider adds that Madonna has been trying to keep A-Rod's hurt feelings at bay by insisting that her fling with the 22-year-old Brazilian model is all smoke and mirrors. "Madonna pooh-pooed her relationship with Jesus and called it a
publicity trick," the insider confides. "But now that Jesus was spotted
out with her kids, she can't hide her subterfuge any longer."

So who will win in the battle of the studly versus the studlier? "Jesus has been much more attentive than Alex recently. If A-Rod will
commit to Madonna, then he'll win her affections. But it's not like
he's giving her a diamond ring. Neither he nor Madonna is 100%
committed to each other yet."

Wait, who said anything about a ring or commitment?!? Note to insider: we're pretty sure that while Madonna wants just about everything life can offer—full custody of her kids, Latino beefcake lovers, etc.—the one thing she's actually not looking for is a monogamous relationship. So let's just leave the C-word out of this for now, shall we?

Do you think A-Rod has the right to be upset about Madonna's NYC fling with Jesus Luz?