A-Rod Finally Speaks Out! Says He and Madonna are Just "Friends"

Alex Rodriguez has decided to face all the "rumors" about his and Madonna's relationship head on. After months of keeping quiet, the Yankee slugger addressed all the increasingly wild speculation (He's eating turkey with Madonna! Now he's with his kids! Now he's in Mexico! No wait, Brazil!), in an exclusive interview with People, insisting that he and Madonna no more than "friends." Here's a roundup of his dubious claims:

On his rumored pre-Thanksgiving flight to Miami with Madge via private jet: "I have never been on a plane with her."

On the claim that he's been globehopping across Latin America to follow
Madonna on tour: "I've been to two [of her] concerts, yet I've read that I went to 20."

On their alleged house hunting: "That is absolutely ridiculous and not true."

On the suggestion that he's neglecting his kids: ""I see my children, honestly, seven days a week, which has been great."

On a supposed feud with his ex: "I have a wonderful relationship with Cynthia...We both have a lot of respect for each other and she's a great lady."

And of course, his final word on Madonna: "I have a lot of respect for her. She's very committed to making the world a better place. She's had an amazing career, and we're friends. That's it."

You heard the man. They're just pals, he doesn't travel with her, he sees his kids (who live with his ex-wife) 24/7. And that photo of him beaming with pride at Madonna's concert in Miami? Don't read into that; he just really enjoys supporting his friends.

What do you think...do you believe A-Rod's claim that he is just friends with Madonna?