A-Rod to Cameron Diaz: You're Out!

Normally, Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez likes giving his opponents three strikes before he takes them out, but when it comes to his movie star girlfriend, Cameron Diaz, it appears that Rodriguez is more of a one-strike-you're-out kind of guy.

Life & Style is reporting tonight that A-Rod has dumped Diaz. "Cameron and A-Rod are no longer dating and have definitely parted ways," a source tells the website. "He just doesn't like her anymore. That's honestly the reason they split."

The magazine adds that both A-Rod and Diaz have been seen galivanting around with members of the opposite sex. Diaz was recently seen leaving a London club with an unidentified man on Oct. 19, and days later, was spotted leaving L.A's Bardot nightclub with Glee hottie, Matthew Morrison on Oct. 21. A-Rod's no angel either: He was recently caught partying in Las Vegas with a group of stunning Romanian models, sans Diaz.

"A-Rod got a table at Haze night and a huge group of Romanian models happened to be at the very next table," an eyewitness tells Life & Style. "A-Rod was chatting up a storm with the girls and spent the night hanging out with them."

Diaz and A-Rod had been dating for seven months. Their romance began in February when they were spotted dancing at a Miami club the night before the Super Bowl. The last time they were seen together in public was on Sept. 22 in New York City.