Robert Rodriguez: “I’m Very Difficult to Live With”

Can you reveal any details on the wedding?
No info on that. That’s very personal. You always have to keep that stuff quiet. But it’s been great.

You once said that you think of Salma Hayek for every project you do, even the male roles. Why?
She’s so tough and  beautiful, and she can play sweet. I was a big fan from the beginning. I gave her her first English major film role in Desperado. But before I could, I had to shoot a cable movie with her called Roadracers, so I could show the studios that she could act in English and be great. I had to stick to my guns by saying, “We have to hire a Latino, not just put brownface on someone.” 

Who taught you how to cook?
My dad sold cookware for a living. And when I went away to college, I had to cook every meal for myself. It was cheap. You learn to make your own everything: tortillas, beans, rice, meat. And my grandmother was an amazing cook. No matter how early you woke up, she was always already there making breakfast for everybody. She had 11 kids, and then there was us. She cooked so good, and that’s where I learned.

Need proof? Check out this clip of Rodriguez making breakfast tacos!