Rob Kardashian & Tyga Donate Money to Blac Chyna's Assistant Who's Been Left In A Coma

Tough times have a way of bringing unusual people together. Recently Blac Chyna's former boyfriends Rob Kardashian and rapper, Tyga put aside the drama to support their ex's assistant who has been left in a coma after suffering a brain hemorrhage.

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Both the rapper and reality star donated to Chyna's assistant, Lorena 'Patty' Hernandez's GoFundMe page after a series of recent medical complications leaving her hospitalized. 

According to TMZ back in July Patty suffered a stroke which left her partially blind, after several tests, the doctors diagnosed her with a brain AVM "Arteriovenous Malformation". AVM in the brain tangles abnormal and poorly formed blood vessels which left her with a higher rate of bleeding than normal well-formed vessels.

Despite doctor's orders stay stress-free and focus on her health, she continued to work to support her family. While the treatment options were slim, radiation was on the table but Patty decided to go a different since she was pregnant at the time. 

As a result of her AVM condition, the mother-of-three suffered a bleeding brain leaving her unconscious.

The two fathers of Dream & King developed a friendship with Patty over the last four year being that she' was Chyna's assistant. Putting the drama aside Kardashian donated over $10,000 while the "Boss Up" rapper followed up with a $5,000 contribution to support the mother in need. Other large sums were given by Blac Chyna's best friend, Sylvia Karapetian and Youtube sensation, Jeffree Star to help make the goal of $50,000 in support of Hernandez's life. 

The Lashed Cosmetics owner even posted an emotional gallery on her social media, asking for more support and thanking those who have donated to her page.


I want to thank everyone for generously supporting the family of one of my closest friends. Patty worked for me over 4 1/2 years, and most recently was the manager of Lashed Cosmetics. Shortly before Christmas, Patty had another medical emergency which has left her in this current state. I have supported Patty through her medical emergencies and her family. I will continue to support them in the many years to come. If you are able to, please donate something to help with the three children Nathan 14 , Raul 13 , and Madison 7 , Patty is leaving behind. Anything will help. Please keep Patty’s children, husband, mother, and family in your prayers as they will remain in mine. Link is in my bio

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"It’s really heartbreaking and everybody is trying to help out as much as possible right now, especially Chyna," said a rep from her time.

After consultation with the family, doctor's terminated the pregnancy which put her life at risk.

Patty appeared to be a beam of light and our thoughts and prayers are with her and the Hernandez's family.