5 Celebrity Fans Of 'The Heart Healer' Rob Hill Sr.

Author Rob Hill Sr., better-known as the Heart Healer, has dedicated his life to motivating people to live extraordinary lives. After writing three successful books, gaining a massive online following, and releasing several millennial-friendly audiobooks, he decided to expand to self-help public speaking. Rob Hill Sr. now works alongside some of our favorite Latino celebrities. He’s inspiring our community and the world in a noble way — just ask these stars: 

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1. La La Anthony

Rob Hill Sr. met up with La La Anthony at The White House Student Film Festival. He said: “I've always admired people who embrace the hard work.” By the size of La La’s smile, the appreciation appears to be mutual.  

2. Miguel

Rob Hill Sr. was on caught on-the-scene with our favorite Afro-Mexicano (and heartthrob). We do love the ‘Simple Things.’ Take it all in, ladies! 

3. Adrienne Bailon

The Real talk show co-host Adrienne Bailon and Rob Hill Sr. served as panelists at Howard University. He spoke with students about his initial obstacles self-publishing his books, as well as, the importance of chasing their dreams. He is living proof you define your destiny.

4. Paola Urbano

Who doesn’t love Miami media mixers with models? Rob Hill Sr. frequently host events dedicated to the Latino and African-American community on mainstream platforms such as REVOLT

5. Emily B

Shoe designer, celebrity stylist and dazzling mami of 3, Emily B, was happy to see Rob Hill Sr. when she presented in Washington, D.C.  Check out his signature Heart Healer shirt and the vibrant pattern on her dress. Nice!