Report: Daisy Fuentes Cheats on Longtime BF with Luis Miguel

News broke over the weekend that Latina's August cover girl, Daisy Fuentes, was splitting up with her longtime boyfriend, singer Matt Goss, amidst reports that she has been cheating with her old lover Luis Miguel. Her reps haven't commented on the reports, but poor Matt is pretty much admitting he's been had. He told, "We had a long and loving relationship. This came as a shock especially when you think you really know someone."

Considering the fact that Miguel is a confirmed man whore, it seemed kind of shocking to us, too, that Daisy would throw away her decade long relationship with Goss—to whom she's been engaged since 2003—for an old boyfriend. But then again, they were engaged for seven years, which means something was keeping them from sealing the deal and walking down the aisle. Luismi's lothario skills are also well known—women seem attracted to him in the same suicidal way a moth is to a flame. Our girl Daisy was unceremoniously dumped by the Mexican crooner for Mariah Carey in 1998, after they dated for three years.

For the record, Goss seems to be taking the high road, saying, "I wish her all the best and hope she finds whatever it is that she's searching for."