René Pérez of Calle 13 Opens Up About How AIDS/HIV Has Affected His Life

René Pérez (aka Residente) of Calle 13 sat down with MTV Tr3s at a recent screening of the new film Pedro, based on the life of Pedro Zamora, the first openly gay and HIV positive cast member ever featured on The Real World, at Florida International University.

Peréz was in attendance to sit on a panel and discuss how AIDS and HIV have affected his life. The frontman for Calle 13 had a lot to say on the topic and it is one very close to his heart. Peréz explained how the disease had a huge impact on Puerto Rico and how it can affect anyone. "My aunt is living with AIDS now," he said, "And my uncle who was homosexual died of cancer and had AIDS too. People need to be aware about how the situation has developed and changed. It’s not just an illness it’s a social issue. We need to erase the taboo that exists with AIDS. Everyone should be tested."

René also had some interesting advice for young people, "Always use condoms. I always use a condom. That’s why I don’t have any children yet. Also, they should masturbate. [Laughs] It’s true, especially for men. If they do that it cuts out the urge to have sex. When you don’t have the urge as a distraction, you can think about it long and hard. So it buys time to make a better decision."

Hmm, sounds like he has tested out all of the strategies he's promoting. It's good to know that Peréz is willing to do whatever it takes to educate the youth!