5 Reasons J.Lo’s a Kick-Ass Mom

There’s no doubt that Jennifer Lopez places her twins (aka “coconuts”) Max and Emme above all else in her life. The Boricua superstar has gushed many times about her 5-year-old babies, describing them as “the most important part of my life.”

In a recent sit-down interview with People, the singer/actress spoke about two of her favorite Mother’s Day memories – her first and the last one, during which boyfriend prepared a “beautiful lunch” for her, her mother Guadalupe and sister. Lopez also spoke about the different way she’s raised her kids as opposed to the way she and her sisters were raised by their Puerto Rican mother, which she described as “much more traditional.” We can already imagine what she means by that.

Before you see what else J.Lo says about being a mom, check out our 5 ways she herself is a kick-ass Mami below. And most importantly, happy Mother's Day J.Lo!

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