8 Reasons We’re Crowning Beyoncé an Honorary Latina

Beyoncé isn’t a bandwagon Latino lover, she’s been down with the brown since her childhood in Houston, Texas. Just ask her lil’ amigita, Barbara. Lets add a Latino jewel in Queen B’s crown.

Here are eight reasons Beyoncé’s barrio pass should be expedited right now:

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1. “Quisiera Ser” by Alejandro Sanz feat. Destiny’s Child

At the 2002 Grammy Awards, as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé sang in Spanish for the first time for a national audience with Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz.

2. Irreemplazable

Bey went full on Spanish (sorta) on her 2007 release of Irreemplazable, comprised of re-recordings of her B’Day songs in Spanish, English and Spanglish. “I've always loved the way Spanish sounds with music and with melodies. It's just so beautiful and so passionate,” she told us in a 2008 interview.

3. “Beautiful Liar” feat. Shakira

It’s not the best song in the world but we guarantee the video ranks high among your collective husbands and beaus. Yoncé and Shakira gyrate, whip their curls, and gyrate some more in this 2007 clip. And they also play some Jedi Mind Tricks where we can’t tell who’s who.

4. She Wishes She Was Latina

Not everyone can be so lucky to be born a Latino. Even one of the greatest entertainers of our time is a lil’ jells. “I'm just jealous that I wasn't born Latina," she told us. "I wish I had been because the culture is so beautiful."

5. The Infamous Cuba Trip

For their fifth wedding anniversary in 2013, Bey and husband Jay Z hit up Cuba. The duo were pictured engaging in cultural activities, visiting school children and touring Old Havana. Their getaway came under fire because at the time travel to Cuba was restricted to U.S. citizens under the embargo. Even President Obama was dragged into it. It just goes to show you the lengths Bey will go to in order to embrace Latino culture.

6. She Grew Up In Houston, Texas

When your home state used be part of Mexico, your childhood will undeniably be influenced by Latin — specifically Mexican — culture. Bey has revealed that one of her besties growing up was a Mexican girl named Barbara.

7. She’s a Selena Fan

Like Katy Perry, Beyoncé has indicated the late great Selena Quintanilla as one of her musical influences. “I also grew up in Texas and I remember listening to Selena all the time,” she told us in 2008.

8. “Amor Gitano” feat. Alejandro Fernandez

She sure loves Latinos named “Alejandro.” Her duet, “Amor Gitano,” with Mexican hunk Alejandro Fernandez became the theme song for the Telemundo telenovela, Zorro: La Espada y La Rosa. You can’t get more Latino than a telenovela.