The Real Reason Javier Bardem Missed the Oscars

Many of you agreed with us that Javier Bardem's decision to skip the Oscars and miss girlfriend Penelope Cruz's Best Supporting Actress win was a bad-boyfriend move, but apparently his absence wasn't just the result of "scheduling conflicts."

Spain's El Pais reports that Bardem suffered a herniated disc two weeks ago while shooting his upcoming movie, Biutiful, and has been on strict bed rest since February 12. The actor did not return to work until this Monday, the day after the Academy Awards, and a crew member tells the newspaper that Bardem is now doing much better. "Javier has returned to shooting and is in perfect health," says the source.

If this is true, then we apologize, Javi, for not giving you enough credit and assuming that you just played hooky on your novia. Though we still find it a bit odd that you haven't spoken out to defend your no-show, it's pretty clear that dishing on the details of your personal life to the media is not your primary concern, and we can't argue with that.

Do you forgive Javier Bardem for missing the Oscars now?