Is RBD's Anahí Getting Married?

In what promises to be the tackiest wedding ceremony ever, pop tart Anahí, formerly of supergroup RBD and basically the Mexican Aubrey O'Day (minus the faux-bisexuality), is said to engaged! And it's her own sister who's doing the talking, so we'll take her word for it.

According to PopChismes (via Guanabee), Anahí's hermana, Marichelo, spilled the beans during a recent radio interview, saying that the singer will wed her hottie businessman boyfriend, Rodrigo Ruiz de Teresa very soon at a mansion in Acapulco. Anahí won't be needing any help with the wedding plans, either--Marichelo tells the radio station that her 'sis is a "total expert" on that front.

Wedding rumors have followed Anahí and Rodrigo since last fall, when it was reported that they sampled lobster salad, walnut soup (?) and other menu options with their parents in tow. But this is the closest thing to an official confirmation we've seen yet. So, congrats to the soon-to-be newlyweds! We can't wait to see those photos.