7 Things to Know About 'Queen of the South's Peter Gadiot

The super sexy Peter Gadiot is trading in his genie lamp for a darker role in USA's Queen of the South. He will be playing James Valdez, a new capo that becomes one of Teresa Mendoza's, played by Alice Braga, closest allies in the U.S. Besides the fact that he is smoking hot, here are some other tidbits about him: 

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1. Peter Gadiot Facts: Country of Birth

1. He's wasn't raised in the Western Hemisphere. 

Gadiot was actually raised in the United Kingdom, but he is Dutch and Mexican. He speaks fluent English and Spanish. 

2. Peter Gadiot Facts: Birthday

2. He was born right next to a new year. 

The 30-year-old is a Capricorn who was born on Jan. 2, 1986. 

3. Peter Gadiot Facts: Charity

3. He loves to lend a helping hand.

Gadiot is very active in campaigns against slavery and human trafficking. He once rowed across the Atlanic Ocean from the Caribbean to Africa in 39 days. 

4. Peter Gadiot Facts: Classically Trained

4. He's a classic. 

The actor was trained at the Drama Centre London and has appeared on shows and movies like The Forbidden, Hot Mess and My Spy Family. 

5. Peter Gadiot Facts: Once Upon a Time

5. He made his American debut in a fairytale world. 

Gadiot was summoned onto the American market playing the handsome and mysterious genie Cyrus on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. 

6. Peter Gadiot Facts: Hobbies

6. He is one with nature. 

This hottie loves to be outdoors and travel the globe. 

7. Peter Gadiot Facts: Family

7. He's the youngest

Gadiot has one older brother, making him the baby of the family.