Pregnant Mariah Carey is High on Heels

She might be expecting her first child in the spring, but that’s not going to stop diva, Mariah Carey from walking tall in designer high heels. The singer, 40, told Women’s Wear Daily that she has tried wearing flats during her pregnancy at the suggestion of her hubby, Nick Cannon, but finds them uncomfortable.

“My husband brought me all these flats the other day, which were gorgeous, but kind of not comfortable for me,” said Carey. “I can tolerate a high-heel shoe for hours on end.”

During a recent visit to The Ellen Degeneres Show, Mariah explained why she finds comfort in the stilettos that most women find incredibly painful. “My feet, like when I was born, are permanently in a little high heel,” explained Carey. “My babysitter used to make fun of me when I was little because it looked like I was tiptoeing when I walked. Nick is always like, ‘Come down. Where are you? You’re always up in the sky,' ” she said.

Carey, who has had a long love affair with stilettos, told WWM that her closets on both coasts are full of designer shoes, including YSL, Chanel and Christian Louboutin. “I definitely save my favorites,” she said.

Though she's pregnant, the diva shows no signs of slowing down. She told the mag that having a baby “makes me really want [to design] a maternity line.” Carey is already launching a footwear and accessories line with HSN this month, so the maternity clothes are going to have to wait a little longer.