Whoa Baby! This Brazilian Sculptor Created a Pregnant Beyoncé Doll and It is Life

Woah Baby! This Pregnant Beyoncé Doll is Giving Us So Much Life

Beyoncé's pregnant image has officially been immortalized in the best way possible.

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Marcus Vinícius da Silva Bernardo, a Brazilian sculptor, created a one-of-a-kind Beyoncé doll wearing her 2017 Grammys performance costume.

While the doll isn't available to purchase, it has been making quite the noise on social media. The artist, who goes by Marcus Baby on Instagram, is a self-confessed Beyoncé super-fan.

"I did this job in five days and her clothes are made with gold rhinestones, metal, chains, rings, and wire," he said. "The doll has a plastic pregnant belly and also a fake piercing in her belly button, same as the original Beyoncé."

In the past, he has remixed other Barbies to look like Jennifer LopezRihanna, Lupita Nyong'o, Ariana Grande and many more. 

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"I have 250 other dolls which are inspired by other celebrities, but they are only for myself," he said. "I don't sell to anyone."