Police Find 500 Lbs of Marijuana on Fabolous's Tour Bus

Police in Arkansas recently seized nearly 500 pounds of marijuana from Grammy nominated rapper Fabolous's tour bus. The hip-hop star was headed back to the east coast after attending the NBA All Star game this past weekend in Phoenix, Arizona.

Fabolous was not on the bus at the time, but two men were arrested and charged with possession. Edward Thimas, 52, and Robert Morris, 44, told police that the marijuana belonged to the rapper and that he had loaded it onto the bus into locked compartments along with about $6,500 in cash. Although both Morris and Thimas claimed the drugs belonged to Fabolous, they told police conflicting stories.

Thimas alleged that Fabolous told them to drive the stash to Boston and contact him when they arrived, while Morris claimed they had driven "three rappers from Atlanta to Phoenix" and were transporting the pot to Boston because the rappers flew ahead of them.

The bus was originally pulled over for a routine traffic violation. There has been no confirmation as to whether or not Fabolous has been questioned by police. His 5th album, Loso’s Way is set for an April release.