Watch These Models Crush Hollywood's "Skinny" Standard

When models talk about their bodies, everyone listens. And why wouldn’t we? They’re the ones who are picked apart for every dimple, fine line and imperfection on the daily.

A group of gorgeous models sat down with The Cut to discuss body image, trying to achieve perfect and more frustrations in the fashion industry. All the models involved in the panel happen to be plus-size. The ten models who sat down for the panel included Nadia Aboulhosn, Barbie Ferreira, Precious Lee, Iskra Lawrence, Paloma Elsesser, Clémentine Desseaux, Alessandra Garcia Lorido, Sabina Karlsson, Marquita Pring and Denise Bidot.

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Each of the models shared their personal experiences in the industry, explaining the hardships and criticisms they’ve endured working in a world that’s built for the “skinny girl.” “It’s so normalized in the straight-size community — to not eat well, to not take care of yourself. It’s a really weird space, to be in an inclusive community and still feel pressured,” 24-year-old Elsesser explained. “Most women are an average size 12/14, and then you still a ton of 6/8’s and 4s. You never see that in ads. Even the mainstream retailers, you never see curve girls or even a little smaller,” Pring added.

The models also expressed their dreams for what they hope to see change in the modeling community, and more inspiring body positivity. Watch the full panel convo above.