Pitbull Growls at Kanye West, Ricky Martin Tweets His Disappointment

Man, Kanye doesn’t want it with Pitbull. The ‘Ye hate-fest continued when Miami rapper Pitbull spoke to TMZ about West’s now infamous outburst at the MTV VMAs.

Photographers stepped to Pitbull and asked for his reaction to Kanye stealing Taylor Swift’s moment to shine following her win for Best Female Video. After a string of expletives, Pitbull says, “I’ll tell you one thing, he know who to do that to.”

Another member of the paparazzi then asks, “What would happen if Kanye did that to you?”

Pitbull replies, “Ay, ay, ay. I come from a neighborhood where they say don’t talk about it, be about it.”

Our favorite response to Swift-gate, however, came from Rick Martin, who spoke via Twitter. "Kanye what an a**hole dude," Martin wrote. That really says it all.

Check out the Pitbull video below. Then tell us, what would you like to say to Kanye West?