WATCH: Perez Hilton's Mami Sings Spanish Lullaby to His Son, Perez Jr.

WATCH: Perez Hilton's Mami Sings to His Son, Perez Jr.

This is adorable beyond words – but we’re going to do our best to describe it anyway. In an exclusive video for Mamás Latinas, Perez Hilton sat down with his Cuban mami Teresita Lavandeira and baby boy to talk about the role she plays in his son’s life.

The 35-year-old Cuban American Queen of All Media greeted viewers at the beginning of the video and added that he was working. “Thankfully my mom is a very hands on grandmother and helps me with my son Perez Jr.,” the blogger said, pointing at his adorably clueless baby in a striped shirt and shorts.

Hilton added that his mom lives just a block away, so she’s over all the time. As he speaks, Teresita stares at the camera, with a megawatt smile.

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