Perez Hilton's Most Instagram-Worthy Moments With His Kids

Perez Hilton and his kids are the cutest trio ever. The star is always posting pictures on his Instagram of them getting into all kinds of trouble and we love every minute of it. Check out some of the best yet: 

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1. Perez Hilton Kids

How cute are Perez and his son, JR, chilling in a bathtub together? His son has the biggest smile just like his daddy. 

2. Perez Hilton Kids

JR is the cutest little toddler, ever! He is clearly loving life at the jungle gym. 

3. Perez Hilton Kids

Little Mia and JR are the most adorable siblings and these pictures show just how much fun they have with Hilton. 

4. Perez Hilton Kids

This candid family portrait is the best thing ever. To see Perez, Mia and JR so happy brings us so much joy. 

5. Perez Hilton Kids

This entire photo is melting our hearts like no other because we know this is exactly what Hilton's had wanted for a long time. He's a daddy of two and proud! 

6. Perez Hilton Kids

These family has so much swag that we can't stand it. We are loving the matching colors and super cute outfits. 

7. Perez Hilton Kids

It's family photo time for the Hiltons! The kids look exact to be hanging out with their daddy and abuelita

8. Perez Hilton Kids

JR and Mia are the tighest brother and sister team and this photo totally proves that. Siblings that can laugh together can ride together, for sure.