Penelope Cruz's Ex Claims to Deserve "Part of Her Golden Globe"

You know you're famous when your ex-boyfriends start crawling out of the woodwork to lay claim to your artistic accomplishments, and if that's a true measure of success, then tell Penélope Cruz that she's reached the top.

In a recent interview, Nacho Cano, member of Spanish synthpop group Mecano and Penelope's ex, claims that his belief in the young actress earns him at least a little credit towards her Golden Globe nomination.

“At the moment, she is at a place where there is not much more that they can really nominate her, after winning an Oscar. I always believed in her, even when no one else did. I was practically the only person who believed in her. Therefore, even if it’s just to reinforce my position and convince myself that I’m not crazy, I do deserve part of that Golden Globe. I’m so happy for her, because her self confidence and her tenacity have made it possible for her to be fighting in that league.”

Cruz and Cano met when the actress appeared in Mecano's music video for "La Fuerza del Destino," which also marked the first time she appeared on Spanish television. Check it out below: