Penelope Cruz Opens Up in Uncommonly Candid Interview with The Herald

Whatever you do, do NOT ask Penelope Cruz about her relationship with Javier Bardem or you might get an answer you don't like! But on other topics, Cruz is more than happy to oblige. In a recent interview with Scottish newspaper The Herald she opened up about everything from her Oscar nominated roll as Maria Elena in Woody Allen's latest film Vicky Cristina Barcelona to what affect working since the age of 15 has had on her life.

On growing up relatively poor:

"We had enough, but also not too much so that we were not growing up in a way that money was of no value. It had a big value because my parents worked so hard, six days a week, just so we could have the basics. It was inspiring for me to see that my mom was so strong."

On her controversial turn in Jamon, Jamon. Penelope was only 16 years old and spent much of the film topless in her first starring role opposite a 5 years her senior Javier:

"Of course I worried about that. Ever since I was a little girl I've worried too much. It always bothers me because sometimes you end up worrying more about the worry and you are not resolving things that are right there in front of you. I have been like that all my life and it's hard to change."

On working too hard and breaking down:

"It was a hard lesson also to know that sometimes it is so much healthier to say no to a lot of jobs that you like. I've worked myself to exhaustion before. I was so young and I thought I could do everything, it was just too much for my body and my mind."

On finding balance and happiness:

"I have had a very singular kind of life since I started working so young, so I am very used to traveling, working, taking time for myself. Now my life feels more balanced. Nowadays, I am very happy in my life."