Penelope Cruz Named "Favorite Daughter" of Her Hometown

Penelope Cruz gave a shout out to her hometown of Alcobendas in her Oscar acceptance speech on Sunday, and now the community is showing her love right back. The mayor of Alcobendas, Ignacio Garcia de Vinuesa, has bestowed Cruz with the title of "Favorite Daughter" as the town's way of thanking the actress for putting it on the map. According to the mayor, Cruz's recognition of her roots proved "it is not necessary to have been born in a certain place to achieve what they want."

In her winning speech, the Spanish actress paid humble tribute to her small-town roots: "I grew up in a place called Alcobendas, where this was not a very realistic dream." Garcia de Vinuesa says that since the Oscars aired, Internet searches of the town, which has 107,000 residents and lies just north of Madrid, have skyrocketed. Alcobendas now hopes to collaborate with Cruz by establishing a cultural center.

We'd definitely make a pit stop at the Penelope Cruz Sanchez Centro de Arte on our next visit to España! Who's coming with us?