Penelope Cruz Admits to Insecurities, But Aging Isn't One of Them!

Penelope Cruz, 34, recently dished to Britain’s Cosmopolitan about her insecurities and getting old. Though she is comfortable in her own skin, she admits to feeling a little unsure of herself at time, “I’ve always had my insecurities and most of them have not gone away. I guess we’re all vulnerable."

Cruz mentions that she has addressed some of those insecurities but that they never quite go away, no mater how much soul searching she's done, “I know myself a little bit more. Of course, some
things remain a mystery and that is a search that never ends, but I
wish I was less insecure."

On thing that she is absolutely not afraid of? Growing old. "Age holds absolutely no fear for me," Cruz says. "There is so much enjoyment ahead."

The Spanish actress mentions Hollywood icons Meryl Streep and Sophia Loren as prime examples of how to age gracefully. "Sophia is 74 and amazing – every time I talk to her, she’s full of wonderful stories about old actors,” gushes Cruz.