Penélope Cruz Rocks Huge Sparkler on Engagement Finger

Messing with the celebrity press seems to have become a full-time commitment for actress Penélope Cruz. Though the Spanish stunner has repeatedly denied reports that she and long-time boyfriend Javier Bardem are planning on tying the knot and that she is pregnant, she showed up at the the New York Film Festival closing night premiere of Broken Embraces on Sunday evening proudly rocking what appeared to be an engagement ring on that ever important left ring finger.

She refused to answer reporters questions about the origins of the ring, which isn't too shocking. The pair have yet to even officially acknowledge the fact that they are indeed a couple! 

Distracting from the huge diamond and sapphire sparkler on her ring finger was Pené's weird outfit choice. Cruz layered a big, cozy sweater over her skin-tight dress, which only served to fuel the gossip that the Oscar winning actress is concealing a baby bump. It definitely didn't help that she ran away covering her belly when she was spotted on the streets of NYC by photogs, either!