Paz Vega Talks Pregnancy, Roots for Penelope Cruz

Time flies when you're having a baby! Paz Vega is already four months pregnant with her second child with husband Orson Salazar, and the Spanish actress tells Europa Press that although her first trimester was a bit bumpy, she is now doing great.

"All the troubles of the first three months have passed. They were a couple of difficult months, but now I'm enjoying it."

Vega says her firstborn son, 21-month-old Orson Jr., isn't quite old enough to understand that he has a sibling on the way. "Although I tell him that he's going to have a little brother, who is inside his mother's belly, and he touches it, I think he still doesn't really now what I'm referring to."

Asked whether she's worried that her pregnancy could affect her career, the star says, "No. I have no fear. My work is always there. There are many movies. My pregnancy is a marvelous moment that I would love to keep repeating and repeating."

And though Vega's main focus right now is her pregnancy, she also took a minute to talk about her home country's other big star, Penelope Cruz, and the chances of her winning an Oscar at this weekend's ceremony.

"They say she's going to win it. She did a marvelous job. She deserves it. Penelope needs that recognition after all her work. She's a very hard-working woman. I truly hope that she brings the Oscar back home to Spain."

We couldn't agree more, Paz...and we can't to welcome a new addition to your family!