Paulina Rubio vs. Thalia: Are Tequila Shots in Their Future?

Paulina Rubio and Thalia have been beefing for years. It all started back in the day, when the pop stars were sharing the spotlight in the Mexican teeny bopper band Timbriche. Apparently, a misunderstanding about a microphone between Thalia and La Chica Dorado caused the two to come to blows right in the middle of a performance. The audience responded by taking sides, with half chanting for Thalia, and half standing up for Paulina.

Although the two were only teenagers when the smackdown happened, the animosity continued until recently. Thankfully, both women seem to have outgrown the old school feud. Thalia gave an interview a few months ago in which she said she no longer has any hard feelings towards Paulina and that she would  be open to throwing back a few tequilas with her old band mate. Paulina responded this week by saying she was open to indulging in "unos tequilazos," with Thalia at Los Premios Nuestros Awards, where both performed.

Last night on the red carpet, Thalia told reporters, "I'm here to take a few tequila shots with my friend, I am so excited to see her again. It's a different moment in our lives and it's an important moment in our lives as people and human beings. We're both really happy to see each other so it's going to be really cool."

Paulina Rubio echoed the sentiment, telling reporters, "Well, I'm making peace with Thali, even though people should know that we really haven't had problems with each other for a while. Thalia and I were always best friends from the age of 11 to 15, we were always together."

Unfortunately for the fans who have been waiting for years to witness the reconciliation, it seems that it was not meant to happen in public. Although both stars attended Los Premios Nuestros Awards last night, they kept to themselves. Looks like we're going to have to wait a little longer to catch Paulina and Thalia knocking back unos tequilazos.

Check out the video below to hear Pau's version of the fight that started all the bad blood: