Paulina Rubio Unveils Her New MILK Ad!

Today at the Mondrian Hotel in Miami, Mexico's golden girl, Paulina Rubio and her mother, Susana Dosamantes, unveiled the advertisement for the latest Hispanic Got Milk? campaign, which features the star mother-daughter duo with milk mustaches and the phrase "Causa y Efecto," a nod to the pop diva's hit song. The ad launches this week and will run in national Spanish-language print outlets throughout the fall. "Now that I'm expecting it's even more important to get the nutrients that milk provides," Rubio told "Whether it's cereal with milk, a smoothie or just a glass of low-fat milk, I make sure that I'm getting the calcium and Vitamin D that I need." Aside from milk, Pau told us she also craves sour pickles!

Pau's mother, who couldn't hide her excitement about becoming a grandma in November, said she's already bought the baby lots of gifts. "I've bought a ton of white and yellow stuff," said Dosamantes, since the sex of the baby is still unknown. Prior to the event, Pau tweeted that a special Twitcam announcement would come today at 4PM, which makes us wonder: Will we find out today whether it's a boy or a girl? If it's a girl Rubio said she would not name her "Paulina."

One thing is certain: her firstborn is going to be incredibly stylish! Rubio recently announced that she has a fashion line in the works which will include babies' clothing. Rubio, for her part, revealed her secret to staying effortlessly haute while pregnant: "My whole thing is I don't wear maternity clothing," she said. "I wear the same, fashionable clothes I would normally wear, but in a bigger size."