Paulina Rubio Says She Lost Her Virginity Before Puberty

Paulina Rubio didn't just turn into a free spirit overnight. According to La, the Mexican pop star recently revealed—in a little too much detail, actually—that she started exploring her sexuality at a very early age and lost her virginity before she'd even hit puberty: “I was very young. My boobs hadn’t even grown yet," says Rubio. "I had the body of a girl more than a woman, but it was with an adequate boy and I enjoyed it very much. It was very cool, very special.”

We appreciate the fact that Rubio is an open book—especially when that's an all-too-rare phenomenon among celebs these days—but do fans really need to know about her pre-puberty escapades? We think not.

Do you think it's okay for Paulina Rubio to share her sexual history, or is it too much information?