Paulina Rubio defends Alicia Machado, Gets in Trouble Herself

It all started over the holiday weekend when former Miss Universe Alicia Machado took to her Twitter account to speak out on the recent trouble brewing between North and South Korea. Unfortunately, she sent out a message that read: "Tonight I want to ask you to join me in a prayer for peace that these attacks between the Chinas do not make our situation worse."

Hmm, clearly homegirl needs to work on her geography a bit. In fact, Machado suffered such severe backlash for referring to North and South Korea as China that she had to delete her Twitter account all together. But Paulina Rubio thought the response to the venezolana was a bit harsh and tried to defend her—in the process digging a hole for herself when she wrote, "Leave Alicia alone. All Japanese people look the same and China is a very big country."

We are going to give Paulina the benefit of the doubt and chalk that statement up to severe sleep deprivation, after all she did just have a baby and is recovering from a c-section. Plus, it sounds like Machado can defend herself just fine, thank you very much.

When reached by Univision for comment, Machado defiantly declared: "I wasn't wrong, and I did not make a mistake. What I did was ask for a prayer of good faith for the conflict that is happening in Asia. I just said it in a very informal way and was misinterpreted."

"Obviously, I know there is conflict between North Korea and South Korea," Machado continued. "It was just a funny way to refer to the entire Asian continent. Like when we say 'Look at that Gringo' and turns out that he's Canadian. We call everyone who looks Asian Chinese. That's what I meant."

OK then.