The Ojani vs. J Lo Battle Gets More Dramatic

A scorned ex! A powerful celebrity! Sex Tapes! A Tell-All Film! And now…death threats! The story of Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband Ojani Noa is shaping up to be a fascinating little soap opera. We all know that Noa was itching to share his deepest, darkest and sexiest memories of his time with Lopez through the guise of a “mocumentary” called How I Married Jennifer Lopez: The J.Lo and Ojani Noa Story (does that even sound like a mocumentary? We can’t think of a more autobiographical title). Then J Lo was granted a temporary restraining order preventing Noa from selling old home videos of the couple, which were allegedly going to be featured in the film. Now, Ojani claims he’s being followed and has been receiving death threats, the NY Post reports.

Noa's business manager, Ed Meyer, told Life & Style: "She's having him followed. We just ran the license plate of the car . . . and it goes directly back to Jennifer Lopez. Ojani's scared."

As badass as that sounds, a source close to Lopez tells The Post that Ojani was "paranoid" and was being tracked by a process server trying to hand him legal papers.

Since it looks like Ojani’s film won’t be released any time soon (if ever), we’ll just sit back and watch this real life drama unfold.