No Sexual Assault Charges Filed Yet Against Alex Da Silva

Alex Da Silva is a free man, for now. The So You Think You Can Dance choreographer accused of sexually assaulting four of his students is expected to be released from jail soon, as Los Angeles Country prosecutors say they don't have enough evidence yet to file charges.

Entertainment Tonight reports that more alleged victims have come forward against Da Silva but have not yet been interviewed, and further investigation is needed before the Brazilian salsa instructor, 41, can be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, there's been no official response yet from the producers of Fox's So You Think You Can Dance, the summer rival to Dancing with the Stars. We presume Da Silva's sexy salsa choreography will not be on display this upcoming season, but it looks like the show's creators are waiting for a more conclusive statement from prosecutors before offering their opinion. We think it's about time they speak out, before anyone else gets hurt. What about you?