9 Things You Need to Know About Nina Sky (Plus, Never-Before-Seen Pics!)

Nicole and Natalie Albino aka Nina Sky took the world by storm with their debut single "Move Ya Body" and have continued to kill the game since. Test yourself and see how many of the following facts you know about the duo:

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1. PR-NY

1. Nuyoricans to the core! 

The sisters were born in Puerto Rico but moved to New York shortly after they were born. 

2. Sisters

2. They started writing songs from a young age. 

By the age of 7, the twins had already written their first song, “Sisters.” 

3. Deejay

3. It's all thanks to their stepdad. 

By 10, they knew they wanted to be singers and by 13 they learned how to deejay. Just two years later, they were already holding concerts in different clubs. 

4. Sky's The Limit

4. Nina Sky has a deeper meaning. 

The ladies came up with the name Nina Sky after combining the first two syllables of their names (Natalie and Nicole) and added sky to represent “the sky’s the limit.”

5. Cipha Sounds

5. How it all started. 

In 2003, the twins wrote the song “Move Ya Body” with The Jettsonz. The song ended up in the hands of the president of a record label and he signed them right away. 

6. Move Ya Body

6. The song that started it all. 

“Move Ya Body” was released in 2004 and reached no. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

7. J. Holiday

7. Growing up and living their lives. 

In 2010, Nicole revealed she was lesbian and married fashion designer, Erin Magee. Four years later, her sister, Natalie, gave birth to her son Max. 

8. Champion Lover

8. New music and new sound

In 2016, Nina Sky released their new single “Champion Lover” off of their new studio album.

9. Hotlist

9. DJing Latina's 20th Anniversary Party. 

Nicole and Natalie continue to work on music. This time around they will be working it behind the booth at Latina’s 20th anniversary party.