Nicole Richie Out-Sings Jennifer Hudson at "We Are the World" Recording

Nicole Richie was thrilled to be a part of the 25th Anniversary recording of "We are the World," a tune originally cowritten by her adoptive father Lionel and Michael Jackson.

She enthusiastically updated her Twitter account throughout the day and made participating in the song a family affair. Along with her boyfriend, Joel Madden, Nicole also brought her two-year old daughter Harlow to join in the recording. All proceeds from the sales of the song will go to help support relief efforts in Haiti, and nearly 80 of the biggest superstars around joined in to help out.

"WOW," Richie said on Twitter. "Brian Wilson stood next to me & I got to hear him sing right into my left ear. Can you say AWESOME!"

But the funniest moment came when Richie admitted that she got a little carried away singing the classic in the very same studio where the hit was originally recorded. "I hope Jennifer Hudson wasn't upset that I was out-singing her tonight," she deadpanned. We're sure Hudson wasn't that upset, Nicole, but that just reminded us, haven't you been working on an album for a while?