Nick Swisher on Joanna Garcia: "I have a woman who I could not be more proud of"

Nick Swisher gushed to People recently about his fiancee Joanna Garcia, insisting that she is the furthest thing possible from a bridezilla.

"I don't understand," the Yankees outfielder, 29, wonders. "Why would you get all upset about one of the greatest days you could have in your life?"

It seems like he has a pretty foolproof method of avoiding confrontation: "She asks me for my opinion [and] I give it to her. If she doesn't pick what I like," he says, "I'm cool with that."

But that doesn't mean he's not a hands-on groom. "The planning is going amazing," Swisher declares. "I've sat in on every bit of it. I know exactly what's going to happen. I'm just really, really excited for the day to get here."

Joanna Garcia, 31, currently starring in ABC's Better with You, announced her engagement to the Bronx Bomber last spring. The couple will marry this winter and Nick seems confident about the pairing, "I think for the first time in my life, I have a woman who I could not be more proud of." Awwww.