Nick Cannon Says All the Baby Blabber About Mariah is "Disrespectful"

Nick Cannon is keeping a tight lid on all the speculation about his wife Mariah Carey's fertility and actually finds all of the inquiries quite rude, thank you very much! This latest round of baby blabber was sparked when photos popped up of Mariah (in an unflattering peach dress) and her hubby exiting a well known IVF clinic in LA.

When asked about all the rumors by the NY Daily News, Cannon laughed and replied, “Everyone wants to know!” But he refused to spill any beans to the reporter and defended his wife, saying, “I tell people to just relax,” he said. “Give my wife the respect she needs, the respect you’d give any woman. You don’t just go around saying, ‘Yeah, she’s pregnant.’ How disrespectful is that?”

We totally agree, Nick! Being asked constantly if you are pregnant when you're not can be quite a blow to the self-esteem. When the blogosphere started insinuating the pop diva was pregnant (again), Mariah posted a defiant note on twitter, saying, "I don't know what's worse, the bleak angles and bright peach dress...or the b.s. commentary/blogs!"

Nick also took the time to debunk reports that he and Mariah just purchased one of the world's most expensive mansions, confirming that they had recently acquired property in LA, but "not the billion-dollar one everyone thinks."